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Awards Winning Digital Cryptocurrency Platform.

4 years of experience in detail cryptocurrency business

Since our launch on the 16th of May 2016, We have attracted investments through offline and online investment platforms with a proven track record of excellence.

Since 30 September 2009 the company only managed offline Investments and traded for a few employed members of the sponsor organizations.

blacktrade.best (Company Number 12600920) started as a project by Richrd Rouse and co with the aim of increasing his financial interests not until he got to know the diverse nature of Crypto platform and got fascinated by the technology and wanted to build his own farm, he pulled up some resources and several team of Forex experts and teams who have worked all over the world for top Tech and Finance companies.

BLACKTRADE is a true opportunity to earn on cryptocurrency.

Nowadays cryptocurrency is one of the main payment instruments, which can be used online. Blacktarde.best has been using this kind of digital payment for quite a while to gain and raise profit.

Blacktrade is an officially registered company which gives its clients all required guarantees, including confidentiality of data provided by clients at the registration procedure. Apart from this we guarantee accrual of requested payments in due time and full amount. The company's system, including support service, works 24 hours, which means you are always welcome to contact our experts in case you have any questions.

Blacktrade.best, provides its clients with an opportunity to invest money into mining farms located all around the world to obtain quite a big income later, which can be done even without client's direct participation. The company actively uses trading bots on digital currency stock-markets, which is very convenient and profitable. We also try to attract new partners and share our experience with the like-minded people all over the world

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  • Mission to provide a clear benefit to all

    As one of the main hashpower suppliers on the planet, offering digital money mining limits in each reach - for newcomers, intrigued home excavators, just as enormous scope financial specialists, Cryptocurrency exchanging stages with a refined exchanging Robot presence and P2P organizing limit with the best composed calculations, our central goal is to make gaining digital forms of money, constructing a more agreeable life simple and quick for everybody.

    We give a multi-calculation, multi-coin cloud mining administration utilizing the most recent innovation - with no pool expenses. A definitive objective of our reality is to make digital money mining a simple, brilliant and compensating experience for all. We are spurred by our aggregate craving to offer monetary strengthening in the general public and help wipe out neediness on the planet!


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our journey

How We Started.

  • November 2014

    Company was founded

    Founded by Arch. Brian Clowson and Duncan Clowson blacktrade.best was originally a project for personal use.

  • October 2015

    Company is growing

    Opened our first hardware facility in Sweden with a customer base of about 86000 subscribers

  • July 2016

    Development Started

    Launced our first Cloud Mining Services and our official website launch was initiated

  • August 2016

    We Expanded

    Purchased a Mining farm in Iceland and ran our first Campaign on Bitcoin versus Banks Awareness.

  • July 2018

    Larger Community

    Hit a million an half subscribers.

  • November 2018

    Newer Platforn Initiated

    Introduced our Trading Robot algorithm written in safe and proven logic that selects a the best performance measure that captures risk and reward elements, as well as consistency.

  • August 2019

    Peer-to-Peer Network

    Introduced the new P2P Network with the sole aim of building a community of ordinary people, selflessly helping each other

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